Call the Islamic State ‘Daesh’, Help Delegitimate the Terrorists

November 27, 2015

"The state of donkeys in Iraq and Syria"

“The state of donkeys in Iraq and Syria”

Did you know that the term for ISIS or the Islamic State preferred by many of its Arabic-speaking victims is “Daesh” (pronounced “die-EESH”)? The reasons for this are complex, as explored at length by Alice Guthrie at Free Word, but the short version is that thanks to various connotations and cultural context in the Arabic-speaking world, calling the terrorist group “Daesh” delegitimates them by making them sound “little, silly, and powerless,” but also “implies they are monsters, and that they are made-up.”

See also shorter discussions of this from the New York Daily News and the blog pietervanostaeyen.

That’s why the name Daesh has already been widely adopted by the Arabic media, according to Mrs. Guthrie, and more recently has been catching on even among squishy American idiots like John Kerry.

Sounds good to me.

8 Responses to “Call the Islamic State ‘Daesh’, Help Delegitimate the Terrorists”

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  2. Will S. Says:

    I’m sure the Democrats only use it because it sounds Arabic; if they ever cotton to what it means, they’ll surely stop using it. ;)

  3. Will S. Says:

    Exactly; progs are gutless, except when blaming their own…

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  5. […] and a half.  This is why he’s supposedly the only one who can build the wall, or destroy the Islamic State/Daesh: he can do all things through the unusual force of his indomitable will.  If you couldn’t […]

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