Another Day in the Life of a Tolerant Liberal

June 27, 2015

It was almost too perfect a reflection on the intolerance of the “tolerance” crowd when a blogger yesterday responded to my constitutional arguments by calling me an A’hole, saying that he does not “take kindly” to people disagreeing with him, and erasing the indication that my blog had linked to his so that none of his readers would have to be exposed to any differing views, either.  (Surprisingly, if you block out everyone who doesn’t agree with you, you will find yourself surrounded by people who agree with you!)

Here’s another real example from my liberal Facebook friends.  (The names have been changed to protect the innocent, and the guilty.)

[Mr. S:] Check out [Miss L]’s hateful comments on [Mr. M]’s post about the subject. She mistook the meaning of his post and thought she had permission to spew her bigotry. It was all I could do to hold back laying into her and giving her the business!!!

[Miss T:] I unfriended 4 people today because of their narrow minds.

[Mr. S:] She was a good friend in high school but I’m so incredibly glad she declined my friend request the last time I tried to refriend her.

Who talks like that?

5 Responses to “Another Day in the Life of a Tolerant Liberal”

  1. madblog Says:

    Love wins…but only if your definition includes laughing about childish wishes for violence against those who disagree with you.

  2. Foxfier Says:

    People who are sure they’re right.

    Heck, I stopped reading Girl Genus at the creator’s request– they demanded that people should boycott stuff made by bigots, and then claimed observant Mormons are hateful and shouldn’t be allowed in polite company.
    Yes, I know that’s not what they meant. Folks insisting that you hate the haters seldom find themselves hateful.

  3. The self-parody is beautiful!

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