‘Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is a Lose-Lose for Liberal Ideology’

June 7, 2015

Jenner then and nowBruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner recently came out as “transgendered” and “a woman”.  The left wants to celebrate, but Daniel Davis at The Federalist points out that this has exposed a contradiction embedded in modern liberalism:

This is a problem for the broader liberal sexual movement. It wants to celebrate transgenderism, but it cannot do so without referring to—and thus, at least tacitly affirming—gender norms. . . .

Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post caught on to at least part of this problem on Twitter recently. After making clear that he supports for Jenner’s new gender identity, he wrote:

Hill understands that affirming someone’s gender identity involves affirming some cultural instantiation of that gender identity. As a post-colonial liberal, he wants to tear down those standards because, in his view, they perpetuate social injustice and gender inequality. . . .

Hence, the liberal contradiction. If you truly celebrate Jenner’s transition, you have to do it by recognizing some cultural narrative about womanhood, thereby perpetuating gender “inequality.” But if you’re committed to the abolition of gender norms, there’s no way you can affirm Jenner’s femininity, except in the meaningless abstract. It’s a lose-lose.

Jonah Goldberg at NRO offers further examples and discussion.

Ian Tuttle compares “transgenderism” to “transability” (better known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder).

Katherine Timpf remarks on the popular backlash against Jenner when he came out—not as a woman, but as a conservative!  It’s an interesting irony to note, but most of the examples seem to be no-name individual Twitter users.

7 Responses to “‘Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is a Lose-Lose for Liberal Ideology’”

  1. Will S. Says:

    Reblogged this on Patriactionary.

  2. madblog Says:

    Great, and an awesome picture!

  3. See, when you make a post like this you think that the non-contradiction fallacy applies to their mindset somehow.

    Remember the kind of person we’re dealing with here, they, and I don’t mean this facetiously, make a virtue of holding contradictory ideas in their heads and accepting them anyway.

    This is no problem for any but the most self-aware of their ilk.

  4. It is amazing how we – can make everything we do look right. I think we all have to answer for what we do. I am not a judge so people can be their own judge – God is my judge and I will answer to him someday.

  5. […] See also “‘Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is a Lose-Lose for Liberal Ideology’”. […]

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