Pew: ‘Consistent Liberals Most Likely to Block Others’ ‘because they disagreed with a political post’

October 21, 2014

This is not news (see “Liberals More than Twice as Likely to De-friend You for Disagreeing with Them”, from two and a half years ago), but it’s still interesting.  From the Pew Research Center (near the bottom of the page):

Consistent Liberals Most Likely to Block Others Based on Political Content

Hat tip to Hot Air, who also have a thoughtful exploration of the survey results and what they mean.

Consistent liberals are also the most likely faction to drop someone as a friend over politics, although their lead over consistent conservatives is more modest on that point (24 percent to 16 percent).

Update (October 21st, 2014): Edited title (still quoting Pew, different quote) to make clear why liberals are blocking people (not just vaguely “Based on Political Content”, but specifically “because they disagreed with a political post”).

9 Responses to “Pew: ‘Consistent Liberals Most Likely to Block Others’ ‘because they disagreed with a political post’”

  1. Will S. Says:

    I’ve also noticed this tendency on Flickr, the photo-sharing application site, even though it isn’t social media in the way that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are; people treat it that way.

    And progs on their can be very cliquish – and they seem to predominate. If you disagree with them, it’s easy to get blocked by them, or if they don’t go that far, they’ll just stop visiting your photostream. Even if you just express some tradcon sentiments, or pro-freedom sentiments, the most partisan progs will have little to do with you, from there on out.

    That has been my experience, at least.

  2. Tevyeh Says:

    I’ve noticed a trend among liberals–it’s becoming increasingly popular to explictly, openly state that one’s position on a particular issue is a bright-line litmus test for whether one is a decent human being. For example, I’ve seen Facebook friends lay it out: if you oppose gay marriage, you are a bad person. Not “mistaken,” not “misguided,” but a “bad person.” These manifestos are often accompanied by a flat declaration that the issue in question is settled, and no further debate is legitimate.

    See Bishop John Shelby Spong’s manifesto here:

    Whatever happened to the Good Ol’ Days when liberals were all about open-mindedness and conservatives were stick-in-the-mud dogmatists?

  3. Foxfier Says:

    Whew, glad for the explanation– otherwise I block a lot of people because of “political content.”

    It’s not because they disagree, it’s because I get tired of being called a baby killing, anti-science hater who is a liar for linking an objective source, and humorless for pointing out an absolute lie that happens to be in graphic form…..

    • Right. As I told a liberal friend one day when I was feeling especially tired, You don’t have to agree with me about enforcing existing immigration law; I’m just tired of being called a racist.

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