Environmentalists Literally Pee on Themselves

October 10, 2014

(And proselytize others to pee on themselves.)

(If it’s that important, wouldn’t you accomplish the same thing by just not flushing the toilet?)

No, I am not making this up.  Yes, I triple-checked to see whether this was a piece of satire or I was missing something.  Yes, I encourage you to triple-check for yourself rather than take my word for it.

This is from the BBC: “UEA students urged to urinate in shower”.

The Go with the Flow campaign is the brainchild of students Debs Torr and Chris Dobson, from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich.

They want the university’s 15,000 students to take their first wee of the day while having their morning shower.

The idea seems to be to save water by not flushing the toilet, as the CBC explains.  (Couldn’t they accomplish the same thing, without being disgusting and making themselves a laughingstock, by just leaving the toilet unflushed once a day?)  The CBC also shows a photograph that one of the students apparently took of himself peeing on himself.

At least they’re not trying to pee on anyone else.

He said: “As long as the water is flowing there is no hygiene risk as urine is sterile but we would encourage that every person using the same shower consents to the challenge and if not that they don’t take part.”

So that’s something.

College students do all kinds of crazy things, but these two officially represent their university.

Mr Dobson and Ms Torr are representing the UEA in the Npower Future Leaders Challenge to inspire students to come up with an environmental initiative for their campus.

A UEA spokeswoman said the university supported “students in their efforts in these initiatives and encouraged all forms of enterprising, entrepreneurial and employability activity”.

Not sure “employability” is the first word I would have come up with to describe this kid.

He also proudly admits that he has a live-in girlfriend (or concubine, if you will).

…I live with my girlfriend . . . .

Liberals claim to be against moralizing, but they’re not; they’ve just replaced traditional morality with a new, fad-of-the-moment moral code.  In: sleeping around (even lying and killing); out: using modern conveniences like flush toilets and incandescent lightbulbs.

On this new evangelization, the UK Independent adds,

The two students, Chris Dobson and Debs Torr, want those taking part to announce their support on Facebook and Twitter, and the first 15 to do so will be offered a £10 gift voucher.

Hey, at least they’re not paying people to turn Vegan.

Hat tip to Will S.’ Random Weirdness Blog.  This has also been covered by the Australian Daily Telegraph and Breitbart.com.

2 Responses to “Environmentalists Literally Pee on Themselves”

  1. Will S. Says:

    And here I thought ‘golden shower’ was just a sexual perversion; turns out it’s also an environmentalist religious act, too! ;)

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