All Your Ogg Are Belong to Us

October 1, 2014

Among the documents I’m reviewing for work: a four-page résumé boasting “Excellent communication & presentation skills” and “IT SKILLS –IT Software [redacted], MS OFFICE , EMAIL , INTERNET”, attached to an e-mail that says, “Pleased to forward my resume for marketing job in your ogganisation.”

(Maybe he was thinking of one of these…)

6 Responses to “All Your Ogg Are Belong to Us”

  1. madblog Says:

    I was intrigued by “disambiguation”, thinking it might have something to do with a de-bigulator (of Simpson’s fame).

  2. From another e-mail:

    “Please be apologized for delay because we were chasing to get answer from jointers.”

  3. gentlebenno Says:

    Why does not the internets make us smarter. Spell check was supposed to make us all right better. Damn you internets.

  4. madblog Says:

    Wow…surprising how hard it is to find that piece of Simpsons stuff. Prpf Frink’s debigulator makes things small.

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