Walker for Governor, Again

September 25, 2014

I recently heard a Washington insider suggest that Scott Walker’s re-election campaign is the one conservatives should really be supporting this year, for those so inclined.  The person suggested that races like Cory Gardner for Senate in Colorado, while previously considered close, are going to be fine—and Real Clear Politics does have the Senate map moving in our direction—while Governor Walker is facing an unexpectedly difficult race.

He managed to get elected in a liberal state and enact vital, impossible reforms.  Democrats, in repeated efforts to reverse the reforms, tried to recall and defeat state legislators from his party, tried to defeat a key judge on the state supreme court, and finally tried to recall Walker himself, all (fortunately) to no avail.  Now, approaching the regular election, he and his opponent are in a dead heat.

NRO’s tireless reporter Eliana Johnson explains just how thin the Democrat challenger’s qualifications are, while Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey focuses on successively bigger revelations of plagiarism in the challenger’s campaign.

It may be too late for Democrats to repeal reform in Wisconsin, but they can still make Walker a warning to other governors who would try to save their states.  Not to put too fine a point on it, we don’t have to let them.


Edit (September 26th, 2014): Corrected “unexpected difficulty race.”

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