A Conservative Antidote to Doonesbury

August 22, 2014

TruesburyVia Liberty Island, Right-wing Riot has an interesting idea:  Take real Doonesbury strips (the comics written and drawn by liberal great Gary Trudeau for the last half century or so) and replace a fraction of the words with satirical conservative content.  (The replacements are clearly indicated in red text.)

The result is brilliant and funny.  The comic, dubbed Truesbury, is currently hosted at Roy M. Griffis.com (go ahead, read a few).  Several of them draw parallels between Richard Nixon and our present president; as Mr. Griffis puts it, “This is their satiric re-imagining of Doonesbury as it would be if the Washington Post and G.D. Trudeau had as much fire in the belly for illuminating the transgressions of a Democrat White House as they did for one run by the GOP.”

I believe it was Franklin who said, The sting in any rebuke is the truth of it.  Mr. Trudeau must be feeling the sting.  His ham-handed attempt to push back by caricaturing “conservative comedy”, and Truesbury’s parody of the parody, is revealing:  In Trudeau’s imagined caricature, a conservative stand-up comedian says, “So what’s up with wetbacks?  Seriously!” (which is great if Trudeau’s goal was to express his bitterness toward conservatives, not so great if he was hoping for verisimilitude), while the Truesbury’d version quotes the actual words of successful, mainstream liberal comedians—and they’re actually worse than Trudeau’s caricature.

One Response to “A Conservative Antidote to Doonesbury

  1. Jack Curtis Says:

    Cartoonists likely can’t squeeze ideas into their limited spaces, so they rely upon emotions instead. Much simpler to deal with and appeal to a much larger audience …

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