Islamists in Iraq Tell Christians to ‘convert, pay a poll tax, leave by Saturday or die by the sword’

July 23, 2014


When even NPR says Christians are being persecuted and killed off, you know it’s true.  From All Things Considered:

ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, is solidifying its power in the city[;] they’ve even put a police force with their own cars and the markings of their state. . . . But people are also being executed and going missing every day so there is a growing sense of fear there.

. . .

You know, Christians have been in Mosul since the birth of Christianity 2000 years ago and now basically none are left. The Islamic State gave them an ultimatum — convert, pay a poll tax, leave by Saturday or die by the sword. They mark their homes with red paint and the letter N for Nassarah, a reference to word used for Christians in the Koran . . . .

Please join me in praying for the Christians of Iraq.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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