Real Live Individuals Flip the Bird to the Race-obsessed?

July 10, 2014

I thought this was interesting:  You’ve heard people (not to say gleeful liberals) say that white people are on their way to being a minority of the population in the U. S., and that that is likely to correlate with increasing electoral difficulty for Republicans.  In the course of responding to this narrative, Josh Kraushaar also happens to note,

By the time Texas has enough registered Hispanic voters to make a political difference, it’s possible that many second-generation Latinos will be assimilated and less reliably Democratic than their parents. Already, researchers are finding that a sizable number of Hispanics later self-identify as white, dampening the trajectory of steady Hispanic growth into the future.

And why not?  If people must try to divide us into racial groups, from a certain point of view the next best thing to not thinking of one’s identity in terms of race at all is to confound the categories.

The article is “Democrats Are Running Out of States to Flip”, in National Journal.  On the topic he was actually addressing (states’ becoming more or less favorable for the two parties), Mr. Kraushaar concludes,

After 2008 and 2012, Democrats have come close to hitting the upper limits of their electoral-vote potential, so strategists are understandably looking for ways to expand the map further. But what’s more realistic is that Republicans will be able to contest traditionally Democratic Rust Belt battlegrounds, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, before additional GOP strongholds flip. Indeed, Republicans picked their 2016 convention site of Cleveland with an eye toward making inroads with traditionally blue-collar Democratic constituencies in the Midwest. Democrats may be wise simply to consolidate their gains from the past two presidential elections.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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