2013 Cincinnati Election Endorsement Compendium

November 2, 2013

Update (November 10th, 2013): See how the candidates did here: “2013 Cincinnati Election Results”


Candidates for City Council
(twenty-one candidates for nine seats on nine-member council)

Amy Murray R G Ch HP S

Charlie Winburn (i) R Ch L P F S

Christopher Smitherman (i) G Ch H B P F S

P. G. Sittenfeld (i) D G Ch B P F T

Kevin Flynn G H B P F

David Mann D C G B P T

Greg Landsman DCh F T

Melissa Wegman R G B S

Pam Thomas (i) D P F T

Yvette Simpson (i) D C F T

Sam Malone R P S

Wendell Young (i) D F T

Chris Seelbach (i) D F T

Vanessa White G

Michelle Dillingham D T

Kevin Johnson P

Angela Beamon G

Shawn Butler D

Laure Quinlivan (i) D

Timothy Joseph Dornbusch

Mike Moroski


Candidates for Board of Education
(nine candidates for four seats on five-member board)

Sally O’Callaghan C G

Betsy Shank G T

Melanie Bates (i) C T

Victoria Straughn G

Ericka Copeland-Dansby C

Marcia A. Futel T

Martha Good G

Elisa Hoffman C

Daniel Minera T


Candidates for Mayor

John Cranley G P F S

Roxanne Qualls C


Legend and Sources

(i)  incumbent (already on City Council or Board of Education, respectively)

R  endorsed by the Hamilton County Republican Party

D  endorsed by the Hamilton County Democratic Party (yes, they endorsed ten this year)

C  endorsed by the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati

G  endorsed or suggested (as they explain further here) by the Hamilton County Green Party

Ch  top five candidates on the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce’s complex scoring chart

H  endorsed by the  Homebuilders’ Association of Greater Cincinnati

B  endorsed by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors

L  endorsed by Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

P  endorsed by the local Fraternal Order of Police

F  endorsed by the local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters

T  endorsed by the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers (“endorsed by” link is to a 2012 URL, but the content at the link is clearly the current, 2013 endorsements)

S  endorsed by Save Cincinnati


Further Information

All candidates’ names above are written as they appear on the ballot.  See also

Unfortunately some organizations that were included in past years’ Endorsement Compendia appear (as of this writing) not to have endorsed any candidates this year.


Update (November 10th, 2013): Linked and discussed at COAST’s blog, which has since reviewed the election results here and here.

3 Responses to “2013 Cincinnati Election Endorsement Compendium”

  1. CincyBlog Says:

    Where did you get your information on Save Cincinnati endorsing candidates for City Council? As a 501(c)(4) organization, I think it is illegal for them to endorse particular candidates.

  2. […] how the candidates did, shown with the information from last week’s 2013 Cincinnati Election Endorsement Compendium (number of endorsements does seem to have predicted outcomes to some […]

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