Candlelight Vigil Remembers Victims of Union Violence

September 2, 2013

The Washington Free Beacon reports in “Labor Watchdogs Protest Union Violence Ahead of Labor Day: National Right to Work Foundation hosts candlelight vigil outside AFL-CIO HQ”:

Labor watchdogs held a candlelight vigil outside AFL-CIO headquarters to commemorate victims of union intimidation and violence on Friday afternoon.

. . .

There have been more than 50,000 documented cases of union violence over the past 40 years, according to Mix. The cases range from worksite vandalism to verbal and written threats to incidents of assault and murder.

The Free Beacon then gives some specific examples.  My favorite:

Philadelphia construction union allegedly set fire to a Quaker Meetinghouse for using a non-union labor and another Philadelphia union assaulted independent workers for not joining.

Trying to kill the pacifists—classy.

Oh, definitely click on the link—if you think those tactics sound disgusting now, wait until you read the rest of the article.

See also “Ohio Business Owner Terrorized and Shot for Being Non-union”.

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Update (September 2nd, 2013):  NRO’s Kevin Williamson contemplates the idea of Labor Day and gets in some good lines in “Red Monday: We don’t need this quasi-Canadian, crypto-Communist holiday.”

The entire idea of “labor” as a social class standing in counterpoint to “capital” is antiquated, of course, and the main problem of the poor in the United States is not that they are worked too hard but that they do not work at all . . . .

Labor Day now exists primarily as an occasion for Democrats to demand an increase in the minimum wage and for Republicans to respond clumsily to that challenge, caught by surprise year after year after year. One day — say, the next time the Democrats control both Congress and the presidency — the Republicans really ought to let them have their way on that and go them one better, a minimum wage of $25 an hour or so. Then every day will be like Labor Day — we’ll be grilling our own hamburgers, because that will be the only way to get them.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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