Reform the IRS

August 24, 2013

Reform the IRS T-shirtThe Tea Party Patriots are asking for donations to run TV ads to educate the public about the IRS abuses.  They have an interesting note about word choice:

In the videos, why say “Reform the IRS”?  Why not “Abolish”?  

The goal is the same.  We want to get rid of the current system and replace it with something better.  The problem in getting overwhelming public support for it lies in how people interpret what we say.

We extensively studied the responses of average Americans to a variety of different ways of communicating our message.  We learned that only a very small percentage of the public accurately comprehend what we mean when we say “Abolish the IRS.”  Most think that means we want absolutely no taxes of any kind.  As soon as they hear “Abolish”, they stop listening and run the other way.  And while there may be some folks out there who would be happy with no taxes, that’s not exactly where Tea Party Patriots is heading.

Tea Party Patriots is for Limited Government.  And we understand that in order for that Limited Government to operate it will be necessary for taxes to be collected.  Under the current system government is way too big, and the method for collecting taxes is corrupt, broken, and unfair.  When we say “Reform the IRS”, people understand it and support it.

Accordingly, I give you Reform the IRS T-shirts and bumper stickers (Reform the IRS T-shirts also available at Zazzle).

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2 Responses to “Reform the IRS”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    I ask you again, if some rich guy pays a lower effective rate than me, is that fair?

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