Abolish the IRS

May 23, 2013

True the Vote founder Catherine EngelbrechtAs Mark Levin and others have observed, the recent IRS abuses are not unique to the Obama administration.  (See 5/20/13 broadcast, elsewhere.)  As L. Gordon Crovitz says,

There is a long history of presidents using the IRS against political enemies. FDR went after newspapers that opposed the New Deal. JFK had his Ideological Organizations Audit Project target conservative groups like the American Enterprise Institute. Richard Nixon used the IRS to harass people on his enemies list.

In other words, this isn’t about Obama; it’s about what happens, over and over again, when we give any agency the kind of power that we’ve given the IRS.  Mark Steyn, as usual, is must-read material:

A civil “civil service” requires small government. Once government is ensnared in every aspect of life a bureaucracy grows increasingly capricious. The U.S. tax code ought to be an abomination to any free society, but the American people have become reconciled to it because of a complex web of so-called exemptions that massively empower the vast shadow state of the permanent bureaucracy. Under a simple tax system, your income is a legitimate tax issue. Under the IRS, everything is a legitimate tax issue: The books you read, the friends you recommend them to. There are no correct answers, only approved answers.

This isn’t a partisan issue, if you like; many liberals (see, e.g., the hilarious Jon Stewart) and conservatives agree, the IRS shouldn’t be able to do to anyone what it has done to, say, Catherine Engelbrecht.

. . . Catherine says the harassment has forced her to seriously reconsider whether her political activity is worth the government harassment she’s faced.

As Mark Steyn observes, “they’ll take as much time as they want: The process is the punishment.”

Mark Levin calls for tearing the problem out by the roots: by abolishing the IRS entirely, replacing the current (insanely complex) tax code with a simple flat income tax or flat sales tax.

Abolish the IRS T-shirtTo make it easy for you to help spread the word, I’ve designed some “Abolish the IRS” T-shirts and bumper stickers and “End the IRS” T-shirts (both wordings available at both sites).  They’re already available for sale, starting at $11 (plus shipping) for a “value T-shirt” from Cafe Press.  Because the issue is so non-partisan—according to Rasmussen, some 93% of Americans find the IRS abuses troubling (“Only seven percent (7%) of voters believe no disciplinary action should be taken . . .”)—you don’t have to worry about offending your liberal, conservative, or non-political friends; everyone can agree that the IRS shouldn’t be able to do this to people.

The only way to make sure it can’t is to abolish the IRS.

See also:

Firing certain IRS officials may make some people in Washington happy. But so long as the federal government has the power to regulate free speech, that government will always face the temptation to use its power disproportionately against those whom it dislikes. This has always been the problem with big government, one that the Obama presidency has made worse.

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6 Responses to “Abolish the IRS”

  1. […] It’s time to end the IRS and replace the tax code with a simple flat income tax or flat sales tax. […]

  2. […] case anyone had forgotten about the Obama Administration IRS’s abusing its power to try to stop Tea Party groups, or had somehow gotten the impression along the way that the IRS had been cleared of wrongdoing, a […]

  3. I say we revert back to Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. Before 1913, we kept every penny we earned. Despite that, what did we still have? Roads. Bridges. Schools. A military-all while not needing an income tax to pay for it.

  4. Here is a video for people who believe that there is a law that requires us to pay income taxes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ayb02bwp0 This should make everyone who watches it very angry. Angry that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a law that does not exist, that IRS agents even admitted the fact that personal income tax is illegal. This makes government a criminal enterprise.

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