Cincinnati to Sell Out Our Parking Meters?

March 6, 2013

John Cranley, running for mayor of Cincinnati, has a new video out:

As I understand it, the basic idea is that City Council would sign a lease contract giving a single private company the exclusive right, for decades to come, to collect parking fees in the city’s stead.  It’s attractive to Council because they would get a very large up-front cash payment, but that would not solve the city’s long-term structural deficit; after the up-front payment was spent, Cincinnati would be left where it was before, with serious budget shortfalls.

Meanwhile presumably the people of Cincinnati would lose twice—they would face more expense and inconvenience to park downtown, and the city would receive less business from out-of-towners who can park cheaper elsewhere.

See also

CINCINNATI – A company on track to assume control of Cincinnati’s parking meters was the subject of a blistering audit in 2007 for its performance managing meters in Washington, D.C.

Among the audit’s findings, more than 6,800 parking tickets were improperly issued to motorists parked at broken meters.

. . .

The audit concluded that outsourcing the meters to ACS increased costs by almost $9 million over a seven-year period, from 1999 to 2005, than if district personnel had handled the work.

Follow the latest developments at COAST’s blog.  Today COAST reports, “A law suit is being prepared, and a referendum petition is being planned.”

In other news, Cranley’s son looks exactly like a tiny John Cranley.

Update (March 6th, 2013):  For whatever it’s worth, here is the city’s defense.  I’m told that when City Council is meeting, you can watch them live here.

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