Arts & Letters Saturday: Lame Duck Hunt

December 1, 2012

Small-government advocates Americans for Prosperity (about) have a new twist on an old game: Lame Duck Hunt, a play on Nintendo’s old Duck Hunt for the original NES and the current “lame duck” Congress, the time between the election, November 6th, and when those elected are seated, January 3rd.

AFP warns that during this lame-duck session, several taxes at once are set to go up; if Congress doesn’t act to prevent tax increases and control spending, the economy and job market for all of us could get even worse, if you can imagine that.

Learn more about “Taxmageddon” from AFP or the Heritage Foundation.

So Americans for Prosperity has re-created this nostalgic classic videogame to make learning about Washington tax policy fun:  Every round, learn about another bad policy that Congress may enact or fail to prevent in these next few weeks.  (The more ducks you shoot down, the more bad policies you prevent?)  Then you can use AFP’s convenient resources to take action, contact your representatives, and try to prevent the bad policies for real.

Caveat: Before you can play, AFP will ask you to log in with either a Facebook or a Twitter account.

If you score high enough (currently 58,300), you can put your name on the list of the top 25 scorers, on the game’s Web site for everyone to see.

I’m pretty bad at it.  The first time I tried it, I scored only 1500.  Can you beat my score?

Play Lame Duck Hunt here.


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