Abortion Methods Explained

November 29, 2012


Well-spent Journey has put together a concise, matter-of-fact overview of the most common methods of abortion and how they are performed:


“Abortion Methods: An Overview”

Most people hold strong opinions on the issue of abortion…yet in my experience, there is a widespread lack of understanding surrounding the actual procedure.

. . . I’ve intentionally avoided using gory photographs for shock value, but be forewarned that some content is, nonetheless, quite graphic.

If you believe there’s nothing morally or ethically wrong with abortion, then none of what follows should be troubling.

1. The most common abortion method in the United States is vacuum aspiration, accounting for 88.3% of all procedures in 2003 (1). This method is used for both first and second trimester abortions, though the majority take place between 6-9 weeks gestation. For reference, a heartbeat is typically present by 5-6 weeks gestation; by weeks 8-9, “everything that is present in an adult human is present in the developing embryo.” (2) The limbs and major organ systems are in place, and the child has begun to kick and move.

You read that right—in the method accounting for around 9 out of 10 abortions in the United States, in the majority of cases, it kills an identifiable person, with a heartbeat, a brain, and eyes.

He cites his sources.

Read the whole thing, if you can.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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