Ads: America Less Safe under Obama, Sherrod Brown Responsible for Obamacare and Unemployment

November 1, 2012

Here are some ads you may or may not have heard recently.  I heard this on the radio today:

It’s from Secure America Now, which explains,

Since the tragic events in Libya on September 11th, Secure America Now has been deeply concerned by the security failures of the Obama Administration and its response to the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans. Therefore we have decided to change course by going beyond our issues advocacy and by launching an Independent Expenditure criticizing the Obama Administration for its security policy failures. Until now we have not engaged in what could described as political activity. But now we feel it is important to pass judgement on the Obama Administration’s policies.

(Link added, otherwise sic.)

Secure America Now also offers this somewhat longer look at the issue:

Meanwhile suddenly I’m seeing charmingly low-budget-looking Web ads from Associated Builders and Contractors.  After months of (Democrat incumbent Senator) Sherrod Brown’s negative ads, intended to retard challenger Josh Mandel’s rise in the polls, ABC decided to take out an ad of their own (available at Sherrod Brown Isn’t

Job creators, like these builders and contractors, consider Obama and Brown a pretty big threat to jobs—but then, you already knew that, didn’t you?

That ad is not to be confused with another, from Obama Clone (also about Sherrod Brown):

This ad focuses on Brown’s important role in passing Obamacare.  (Senator Brown is still bragging that he “played a key role in developing and achieving passage of” Obamacare.)

(For those of you who find the back-and-forth of politics entertaining, a little bit like a sport, I’ll add that this last ad is paid for by “America, Inc.”, whatever that is.)

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