Project Veritas Video: Democrat Campaign Director Abets Voter Fraud

October 24, 2012

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has a new video out (warning: language), in which Patrick Moran, the field director of Congressman Jim Moran’s re-election campaign, advises an undercover investigator on how to commit voter fraud:

Read Project Veritas’s release here.  Excerpt:

When approached by an undercover investigator for advice on how to steal the votes of more than 100 people, Moran advised falsifying documents to satisfy Virginia’s new voter ID law. He said, “Bank statement obviously would be tough, but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

Moran went on to clarify that, “You’d have to forge it.”

Announcing the release, James O’Keefe said, “This is the most damning evidence to date of the scope of voter fraud in this country. Patrick Moran is not only the son of an 11-term Congressman, but is also the Field Director on his father’s re-election campaign.”

When the investigator makes it clear what he’s proposing to do, Moran doesn’t shy away from it; he says, “Here, let’s go outside,” and proceeds to talk with the investigator for more than fifteen minutes.  At two points he briefly suggests that investigator’s energy would be better spent in conventional get-out-the-vote efforts, but then continues giving advice on how to pull off the fraud.  At one point he seems to say that an Obama-campaign attorney will be available to defend the fraudulent documents if necessary.

Moran adds, “I’m impressed, man,” and ends by saying,  “I respect your initiative.”

Lest anyone wonder whether Mr. Moran’s words were unfairly taken out of context, Project Veritas has already made the entire eighteen-and-a-half-minute unedited video publicly available; it begins around 8:25 in the video above.

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Update (October 25th, 2012):  Jim Moran resigned as campaign field director yesterday, the day the video was released.  The Washington Post, being liberal, tries to do damage control, but unfortunately for them, you can see the video for yourself (above).

Washington Post:  “. . . Patrick Moran does not explicitly advocate or condone the worker’s suggestion to cast ballots on behalf of 100 voters . . . .”

Oh, OK.  He only says things like “I’m impressed, man,” and “I respect your initiative,” and gives specific advice on how to get away with it.

Moran in the Washington Post:  “At no point did I take this person seriously. He struck me as being unstable and joking, and for only that reason did I humor him.”

Oh, OK.  He talked with him for fifteen minutes and gave him thoughtful advice on exactly how to commit the fraud and get away with it, but only to “humor” him!

One Response to “Project Veritas Video: Democrat Campaign Director Abets Voter Fraud”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    This is what happens when you let your stoner son work on your campaign.

    I’m not going to deny that voter fraud exists, of course it does. But are you suggesting that Republicans have never engaged in voter fraud? (technically, this video doesn’t prove that voter fraud exists because the voter fraud wasn’t real. It was made up by the reporter).

    As to Mr. Moron’s legal liability (which I actually find to be the most interesting question), he can’t be liable for a federal conspiracy because federal conspiracy liability requires bilateral participation by two culpable actors. That is not present here. As to whether he could be liable in a unilateral jurisdiction (I’m not familiar with Virginia’s conspiracy laws), I think the answer is no, because there was no overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. Moron did nothing except give advice on how to break the law, which I don’t believe amounts to a conspiracy if that’s all the farther it goes.

    In any event, this is hilarious.

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