New Romney Ads; Plus: Obama’s Steep Slide in No-toss-up Map

October 19, 2012

The Romney-Ryan campaign has some new ads out.

Median income is down, deficit spending is way up, and President Obama has no plan to save Medicare and Social Security, which are going bankrupt:

See also “Helping the Middle Class” and “Ohio families can’t afford four more years like the last four years”.  If you prefer an ad with a little bit more of that movie-trailer feel, try the Republican Party’s new ad:

President Obama has started trying to outlaw the church; if Obama is re-elected, Catholics could go to jail.  Romney and Ryan make it clear that a Romney-Ryan administration will not try to outlaw the church:

In other news, Romney’s ascent in the polls since the first debate continues to expand into new metrics.  Yesterday I noted that Romney had pulled ahead of Obama in Real Clear Politics’ Electoral College map for the first time this whole election cycle.  Today, RCP’s Electoral College “No Toss Up States” map finally reflects what has been showing in the national average and elsewhere all month:  Romney is on the rise, and Obama is in a steep slide.  Yesterday the no-toss-up map had Obama up 50, 294 to 244.  As of this writing, Romney has cut that gap in half; he now has 257, while Obama is down to 281, for a 24-vote lead.*

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* Update (October 19th, 2012):  Since I wrote that earlier today, Obama has lost New Hampshire as well.  RCP’s no-toss-up map now has Obama only 16 electoral votes ahead, 277 to 261.  At that point, if Obama loses one more state—it wouldn’t even have to be a big one like Wisconsin or Ohio; it could be Colorado!—Romney would win (if the election were held today and all these polling averages represented the final vote outcomes).

Correction (October 19th, 2012):  Of course that’s incorrect, my mistake—in RCP’s no-toss-up map, Romney already has Colorado.  So the whole election still probably comes down to Ohio.  Conceivably one alternative would be for Romney to pick up both Iowa and Nevada.

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