O, tienes un buen gringo acento, cowboy

October 15, 2012

Some people really don’t like taking phone calls from strangers about politics.  Actual exchange I had today (quoting from memory):

I:  Hi!  This is [Chillingworth], with [conservative organization].  How are you doing today?

Voter:  No comprehendo.

I:  I’m sorry, what?

Voter (in an even more pronounced American accent):  No comprehend-o!

I:  You sound like someone who can understand English very well when he wants to.

Voter:  Oh, no, not me!

One Response to “O, tienes un buen gringo acento, cowboy”

  1. […] of the last 25 people I’ve called (who answered the phone and were willing to take a survey), 56% are likely to vote for Romney, only […]

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