The Human Cost

October 9, 2012

Americans for Prosperity has a new ad out:

The bad job market hurts a lot of people.  It’s no mystery why employers aren’t hiring—regulations are too onerous (compliance costs alone estimated to exceed $1.7 trillion per year, more than a tenth of the economy), there’s too much uncertainty about what additional taxes and regulations the government may impose at any moment, and Obamacare is putting America out of business.  “Small business owners and manufacturers see Obamacare as one of the most daunting problems facing their businesses today.”

Oddly, liberals cherish a narrative in which President Obama has a monopoly on compassion and “empathy”.  But his policies are hurting people, and when asked about it, he says things like “The private sector is doing fine,” and adds that what we really need is even more government.

Hat tip to Hot Air and Jonah Goldberg.

One Response to “The Human Cost”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    Again, did you see the most recent employment numbers?

    As to Obamacare, I understand that actual small businesses, i.e. businesses with 50 or less employees, are exempt from its employer mandate provisions. I would be interested to see the size of the companies that were surveyed for that article. Moreover, Obamacare has multiple mechanisms that work toward reducing the cost of health insurance. For example, the 80% rule requires that insurers allocate 80% of the premiums paid by insureds toward health insurance, or else pay the insureds a rebate, thereby incentivizing insurance companies to lower their premiums. This is just one example of many. You can’t just say stuff and expect people to believe its true.

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