Amazon Health Care or BMV Health Care?

July 6, 2012

No doubt he’s not the first to make such comparisons, but they bear repeating:  Wintery Knight asks, Do you want your health care to be more like using, or like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

Oh, and apparently the latest “best estimate” from the government’s own Congressional Budget Office is that Obamacare will make 11 million people lose their employer-provided health insurance, or possibly up to 20 million.

Recall that President Obama, in trying to sell Obamacare, explicitly promised (July 28th, 2009, AARP “tele-town hall”),

Here’s a guarantee that I’ve made:  If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.

Remarkably, as of this writing, the White House Web site is still promising, “You can keep your own insurance”, and offering that video as proof!

5 Responses to “Amazon Health Care or BMV Health Care?”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    You can keep your insurance, if it’s an individual policy that you own. Don’t you want to move away from employer-based insurance anyway?

    • Valiant effort to interpret the president’s words in a light that makes them consistent with reality, but apparently most Americans have health insurance through an employer, while fewer than 10% of Americans have non-employer, non-governmental health insurance. The president did not say, “The 9% of you or so who have ‘an individual policy that you own’ will be able to keep it!”

      Yes, I do want to move away from employer-provided insurance, but in the pro-liberty direction. Obamacare moves away in the opposite direction, toward an ever larger, more oppressive central government. (My way is not only better for liberty but also for health outcomes. You should read the Milton Friedman piece that Swiss Econ mentioned.) Obamacare also continues to be sold to the American people with lies, which was more my point in this entry.

      • Snoodickle Says:

        If your main beef with Obamacare is that politicians lie, then I would suggest that you take a careful look at the candidate that I presume you are going to vote for in the fall, arguably the biggest liar in the history of modern American politics.

  2. […] remarked that government is much worse at many things than the free market, and asked, Do you want your health care to be more like using, or more like the Bureau of Motor Vehi…  Here’s conservative blogger Wintery Knight, July […]

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