Rumor that Governor Walker Sired a ‘Love Child’ or Pressured Anyone to Have an Abortion Is False

June 5, 2012

Robert Costa and Christian Schneider at National Review Online have the story and the links:  Scott Walker did not father a child out of wedlock.  The opposition came up with a last-minute election surprise this past weekend (the recall election is today), but there’s nothing to it:

(from Costa)

Over the weekend, Gillick, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, alleged that Walker, who is pro-life, pressured “Ruth,” her roommate, to pursue an abortion.

. . .

But when “Ruth,” was contacted by the WCMC, she denied the claim. “I can confirm that it was not Scott Walker who is my daughter’s father,” she told the publication. Daniel Bice, a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, also contacted Gillick’s former roommate: “Yes, she got pregnant as a first-year student, but she believes Dr. Gillick is mixing up stories.”

(from Schneider)

And it fell apart within an hour of receiving scrutiny. . . . Further, the blogs were relying on family court documents from a “Scott Alan Walker,” while the governor’s name is “Scott Kevin Walker.”

New to the Wisconsin situation?  Catch up here: past entries about Scott Walker

Update (June 6th, 2012):  An alert reader pointed out subject-verb disagreement in the title of this entry.  I replaced “are” with “is”.

One Response to “Rumor that Governor Walker Sired a ‘Love Child’ or Pressured Anyone to Have an Abortion Is False”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    As I suggested before, live election blogging would be a fantastic feature on this blog.

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