Feminist Nightmare

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, the final day of National Offend a Feminist Week.  I don’t know whether being told that they have ironically ushered in a Brave New World of women’s degradation will offend feminists or not, but here goes:

In the wake of feminism and the sexual revolution, our society has degenerated surprisingly far (and continues to degenerate?) toward some kind of pre-civilizational nightmare dystopia in which men don’t respect women, and women don’t even respect themselves, as even those who exploit it will sometimes tell you:

(Blog entry)

The reason why I can string along multiple women is because each woman thinks she’s the girlfriend and the others are just women I have sex with.


Just think: In the 1950s-60s-even 70s, many women wouldn’t knowingly put up with a multi-dater, but would demand you date only her. Now, thanks to feminism, the dating landscape is Hobbesian, as in the state of nature “red in tooth and claw.”

In other news, a woman in Canada found she was pregnant, but thanks to Canadian socialized medicine, couldn’t get an appointment to see her gynecologist within the trimester:

She tried to get an appointment with her gynecologist to discuss her options, but the first available one was two months away. She then contacted an abortion clinic, which gave her an appointment in two weeks . . . .

At the abortion clinic, she was sedated until she submitted to the abortion.  Note that women and girls have also been forced into abortions by at least one doctor in the United States.

(If you have any reason to believe that there are similar wait times for gynecological appointments in the United States, let me know.)

My post from the beginning of the week has been updated with new content and links to others’ participating entries.  For more Offend a Feminist contributors, scroll to the bottom of The Other McCain’s opening post (where they’re all collected under the heading “Trackbacks”).

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14 Responses to “Feminist Nightmare”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    Dude, what reality are you living in?

  2. Snoodickle Says:

    Since we are back on the health care topic, I again ask for your take on not-for-profit insurance as a means to eliminate the inherent conflict of interest that pervades for-profit insurance.

  3. what in the world is up with the snoodickle comments; they don’t make sense.

    modern feminism hurts women, to be sure, but that’s just part of the equation. it hurts men, it hurts the marriage institution, and thusly extends it’s poison to the children raised within the marriage institution. and so on, and so on and so on . . .

  4. Nice rundown, thx for it. You remind me of Da Tech Guy, C-worth. Way too much patience and hospitality in the face of pestering. And no, Snewdikl, your volume of comments does not elevate you above the status of troll. In fact, voluminous commenting (ie, pestering) is a signature feature of trolling.

    Anonymity is usually a feature too, and C-worth actually knows you. So that cuts against the argument that you are a troll . . . let me consult the guide on this . . .


    Oh-kay, now I’ve got it. Anonymity is not a prerequisite, b/c the subject of McCain’s discussion was not anonymous. Plus, he was not only a troll, but (technically speaking, of course) a trollmaniac. Trollmania: “the compulsion to comment disruptively on other people’s blogs.”

    Cheers all,

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