China Kills Children, Sells Them as Food

May 9, 2012

More sensitive readers should perhaps skip this one.

Apparently Chinese pharmaceutical companies sell pills made of dead babies.  The bodies are taken from miscarriages, abortions, and infants born alive but then left to die.  Some fraction of these children were killed as a direct result of the Communist government’s One-child Policy.

The pills are apparently sold as some kind of alternative “health” supplement.

Sources:  Hat tip to (in chronological order) Glenn Beck and Wintery Knight.  Lest you wonder whether this is just some rumor, it has been covered in places like Life News and (who link to their sources), but also places like this Atlantic Monthly Web site, the BBC, and The Week.

Recall that the popular Bodies museum exhibits may well have included political prisoners—that is, people whose only crime was disagreeing with the government—executed by China (NPR, ABC, Wikipedia).  (See also some doubt cast on one source of that information, but even if his later story is the true one—and even if he had been the only reason to be suspicious about the sources of the bodies—there seems to be no dispute about the larger fact that China kills people and sells their body parts.)

As our country debates foreign policy, American decline, and whether the world would be better off without American influence, never forget this:  Our culture is different from their culture, and our culture is superior to their culture.

10 Responses to “China Kills Children, Sells Them as Food”

  1. SLIMJIM Says:

    Absolutely. Revolting.

  2. Tevyeh Says:

    “Our culture is different from their culture, and our culture is superior to their culture.”

    I understand that this assertion is made in a particular context, but I still think it desperately needs a few explicit qualifiers.

    • I’m just so tired of Western relativism, self-loathing, and lack of cultural confidence. But I’ll be happy to entertain any potential qualifiers you’d like to write.

      • Snoodickle Says:

        Lack of cultural confidence? Have you watched the Oscars?

      • No. Why, what was said there?

      • Snoodickle Says:

        The Superbowl then.

      • I don’t think you understand me. Read Mark Steyn’s America Alone and get back to me.

      • Tevyeh Says:

        “I’m just so tired of Western relativism, self-loathing, and lack of cultural confidence.”

        I hear you, but an unqualified assertion of superiority probably swings too far in the other direction. Also, bear in mind that as your blog gains in prominence, your detractors will quote that statement out of context. I’m no expert on Chinese culture (are you?), so I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions.

        By the way, consider that the relativism, self-loathing, etc. that you refer to is an ever increasing *part* of Western culture, like it or not. (Unless by “Western culture” you refer to some immutable Platonic ideal that was most closely approached in a bygone golden age. Late 18th century? The 1950’s?)

  3. Snoodickle Says:

    Ah yes, Muslims are taking over America. An enticing piece indeed! Just what America needs, more paranoia about a Muslim takeover that will never happen coupled with a complete disregard of climate change.

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