Fun with Feminism

April 24, 2012

Via Disrupt the Narrative, The Other McCain brings some levity to our sad situation:

If happiness is the problem, feminism is the solution.

Rush Limbaugh calls our attention to two oldies (this transcript from his show last week even includes the lyrics): “The Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites, Pre-Feminism Edition”.  The first one is Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ and Hopin'”, 1963:

It doesn’t seem anti-feminist so much as blissfully unaware of feminism.

The second one is Sandy Posey’s “Born a Woman”, 1966:

It seems to start with a chip on its shoulder—perhaps the whole thing was meant to be feminist, for all I know—but the song comes to a very un-feminist conclusion.

As long as we’re going all multimedia with feminism and its dissenters, here’s one in comic-strip form:

Lest you think I’m being unfair, here’s a song about (part of) why men shouldn’t make an idol out of their career, either—“Take a Letter, Maria”, R. B. Greaves, 1969 (lyrics here):

Finally, here’s a fine old painting for your enjoyment and contemplation: Young Mother Sewing, Mary Cassatt, 1900.

5 Responses to “Fun with Feminism”

  1. thank you Says:

    That painting is one of my favorites, and an image I aspire to.

  2. Tevyeh Says:

    My eye is drawn to the woodlot out back. Someday…someday…

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