Governor Kasich’s Latest Budget Proposals

April 19, 2012

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who famously did not shy away from controversial reforms last year, is back with more.  Reasonable Tea Party-conservative minds differ on his latest proposals.


This Governor has been the best in our lifetimes, taking on Ohio’s entrenched special interests repeatedly for the betterment of this State and our children.

. . . The Governor is proposing a host of reforms in state and local government and a 5% personal income tax cut.

Con, Ohio Liberty Council:

But it utterly fails to tackle the spending side of the ledger. Governor Kasich’s tax plan confirms that he accepts the status quo size of state government.

For whatever it’s worth, Columbus Dispatch:

Gov. John Kasich said the overall proposal, which probably will wind up at around 2,000 pages, represents “a massive amount of additional reform” on top of the $55 billion-plus two-year budget approved last summer.

Kasich said the new measure contains $90 million in additional savings.

. . .

But Kasich is also putting forth as part of his swath of proposals a Management Efficiency Plan that includes $113.5 million in spending cuts and a host of government program consolidations.

Sounds good to me.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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