Hamilton County Primary-election Results

March 7, 2012

We’re five for seven on the candidates this blog recommended as the best conservative and Tea Party choices.

Rick Santorum won most counties in Ohio but narrowly lost the state overall to Mitt Romney, 37-38.  Under Ohio’s rules, that gives Romney 35 delegates, Santorum 21.  Santorum won Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota, but Romney also won five states besides Ohio, while Gingrich won only his home state, Georgia.  Adding yesterday’s ten states, the total delegate count is now Romney 404, Santorum 161, Gingrich 105, and Paul 61.  It takes 1,144 to get a first-round majority at the convention and be assured of the nomination; most states’ primaries are still ahead of us.

Josh Mandel won the nomination for Senate with something like 60% of the vote, easily beating all four of the other contenders.  “. . . Mandel is considered a rising young star in the GOP.”  Mandel will face Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown in November—and despite being the incumbent, Brown can’t seem to reach 50% in polls against Mandel.

Tea Party candidate Brad Wenstrup beat Republican incumbent Jean Schmidt something like 49-43 for the 2nd House district:

Alex Triantafilou, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, said of the outcome: “That was a real surprise. But Brad Wenstrup ran for mayor and exceeded expectations, and he exceeded expectations again in this race. He’s an exceptional candidate.”

The full final results for Hamilton County (including for uncontested and Democrat races) are available in the form of a 112-page PDF on the Board of Elections’ Web site.

For the State Central Committee, 7th district, despite being on the official list of candidates, Jean Raga must have withdrawn from the race; AFP director Rebecca Heimlich is the only name that shows up in the county’s official election results.  (She won.)

In the 27th Ohio House district, incumbent Peter Stautberg beat former representative Tom Brinkman 61-38.

In the 28th Ohio House district, Tea Party founder Mike Wilson blew away the competition, 89-11.

In the 29th Ohio House district, new player Louis W. Blessing III won an only relatively narrower victory, 63-37.

5 Responses to “Hamilton County Primary-election Results”

  1. […] Update (March 7th, 2012):  Read about how things turned out here: “Hamilton County Primary-election Results”. […]

  2. Snoodickle Says:

    We should also point out that Mitt Romney won decisively in the urban counties, including double digit victories in Hamilton and Cuyahoga counties, whereas Santorum picked up his votes in the rural, less educated regions of Ohio. Thus, the educated Ohio voter has spoken: Romney is the clear choice.

  3. Snoodickle Says:

    If you were an objective voter, which I don’t believe you to be, at what point do you cast your vote for the President? And what policies, exactly, are the Republicans going to enact that will create more than 227,000 jobs a month?


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