8% of Americans Agree Contraception Is Wrong

March 1, 2012

Right around the same time that the Reformed Pastor and I were wondering whether there were any polling data about contraceptives as such (that is, what share of the population thinks contraception itself is immoral, not just the HHS mandate or any other current particular), Pew was releasing a report about exactly that, as Pew staff helpfully pointed out to me.

Pew estimates that 8% of the general population believe that it’s wrong to use contraceptives:  

  • 8% of Americans
  • 15% of Catholics
  • 27% of Catholics who go to church on Sunday

If you add in the categories of people who said that it depends and people who said they didn’t know, the numbers are significantly bigger:

  • 16% of Americans
  • 23% of Catholics
  • 37% of churchgoing Catholics

Keep in mind all the usual caveats, take polls with a grain of salt, etc.  Assuming that these numbers are more or less accurate, those who oppose contraception are certainly not a majority, but they’re a lot more than nothing or negligible, despite liberals’ implications to the contrary.

Relatedly, some liberals have been pulling “Where are the women” stunts.  I have little patience for identity-group politics and ad hominem arguments, but in case those arguments get any traction with you, here are the women: Women Speak for Themselves.com.  See also “‘Where Are the Women’ on the Mandate?”.  Hat tip to the Son Rise Morning Show.

Other interesting data from the survey:

  • 21% of Americans and 20% of churchgoing Catholics agree that divorce is wrong.
  • 48% of Americans and 68% of churchgoing Catholics agree that abortion is wrong.

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