About the Occupy Movement

November 16, 2011

Funny quote of the day, about cleaning up the mess from Occupy Wall Street:

I pick up garbage [for a living], and these were some of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced.

Not so funny, from a “teach-in” at Occupy D. C. (scroll down for video, quote is c. 1:51-1:59):

The other thing we stress is building a base in the military, because if we’re talking about revolution, it means we have to win over some section of the military to be on our side . . . .


2 Responses to “About the Occupy Movement”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    The chick at 4:00 is smoking hot!

  2. Tevyeh Says:

    I don’t think we need to worry about too much OWS infiltration of the U.S. military.


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