2011 Cincinnati Election Endorsement Compendium

November 7, 2011

For City Council

All nine seats on City Council are up for election every two years.  This year there are 22 candidates (vote for up to 9); the top 9 vote getters will be seated.  There’s no reason you have to use all of your votes; so vote for the ones you want, but don’t vote for ones you don’t want.

Jacqueline Allen

Mike Allen L

Kathy Atkinson 

Chris Bortz i Ch E

Kevin Flynn

Leslie Ghiz i R Ch E L

Nicholas Hollan D

Wayne Lippert i R Ch

Pat McCollum

Catherine Smith Mills R Ch

Amy Murray i R Ch

Sandra Queen Noble

Roxanne Qualls i D E W

Laure Quinlivan i D E W

Jason Riveiro D E

Chris Seelbach D E

Yvette Simpson D E W

P. G. Sittenfeld D E

Christopher Smitherman G C

Cecil Thomas i D E L

Charlie Winburn i R C? Ch L

Wendell Young i D

For School Board

The top 3 vote getters will have seats on the seven-member board.  Again, vote for the one(s) you want, if any; don’t vote for ones you don’t want.

Eve Bolton i D E W

Alexander Kuhns D E

Chris Nelms i D

Mary Welsh Schlueter E

Legend and Sources

i  incumbent (current member of City Council or Board of Education)

R  endorsed by the Hamilton County Republican Party

D  endorsed by the Hamilton County Democratic Party

G  endorsed by the Hamilton County Green Party

C  endorsed by COAST (Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes)

Ch  received top rating in all five categories from the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce

E  endorsed by Equality Cincinnati (mission: “to work for full equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in Greater Cincinnati and to prevent discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity”)

L  endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life PAC

W  endorsed by the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus (“dedicated to the eradication of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ageism, violence, poverty, discrimination against the disabled and discrimination on the basis of religion, and to ensuring reproductive freedom and freedom of sexual orientation”)

For Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge

Republican endorsements for judge, by district: Brian Lee (Hamilton County District 2), David Stockdale (3), Russell Mock and Megan Shanahan (4), Brad Greenberg (5), Bernie Bouchard (6), and Lisa Allen (7)

Democratic: Fanon A. Rucker (District 1), Cheryl D. Grant and Tyrone Yates (2), William L. Mallory, Jr. (3), and Matt Fellerhoff and Martha Good (4)

(Find your judicial district by entering your street address and ZIP code and clicking “Find Ballot” at Smart Voter.)

Ballot Issues

Arguably the most consequential issue on the ballot in Ohio this year is Issue 2.  There are also a number of other issues; enter your address at Smart Voter to find out which ones will be on your ballot.

Why and How

I thought voters would find it useful to have a one-stop, at-a-glance reference guide to which candidates have been endorsed by which organizations.  I made it color-coded and included relatively few endorsers to make it easier to read, and I included only more or less ideologically transparent endorsers to make it most useful.  (I see that City Beat does offer somewhat similar “Who’s Endorsing Whom” tables, but they offer none of those advantages.)

What do I mean by “ideologically transparent”?  If a candidate is endorsed by, say, the Democratic Party, everyone has some idea of what that means, and you can be either more or less inclined to vote for that candidate (depending on which way you lean) because of that information—either way, it’s useful information.  By contrast, if, say, some newspaper endorses a candidate, it’s basically telling you to vote for that candidate because you trust that the editors of that newspaper are well informed and have good judgment, but it doesn’t do anything to help you locate that candidate in relation to larger principles, unless you’re already pretty familiar with those editors (and maybe not even then).

My starting point for this entry was the League of Women Voters site Smart Voter.  Names of candidates listed above are in alphabetical order; form of name (e.g., with middle initial or not) is as it appears on the candidate’s official Web site, which is also linked to the candidate’s name above, for candidates for whom I could find one.  You can check my sources by clicking any organization’s name above.

Other Election Information

The election is this coming Tuesday, November 8th; polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Find your polling place and other information (including election results as they come in) at the Web site of the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

More information about the candidates is offered by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the League of Women Voters, cincinnaticitycouncil.com, and others.


“The Virtuous Republic’s Only Endorsement for Cincinnati City Council” refers to this Cincinnati Enquirer description of that candidate.  See also that candidate’s response to this Cincinnati Enquirer question and her various submissions to the LWV.

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