People Sell Lemonade at Capitol, Are Arrested

August 23, 2011

I don’t know whether they’ve ever heard of Mark Steyn, but this past weekend a group of people answered his call for lemonade-stand civil disobedience, albeit on the Capitol lawn, not on their own lawns, and with the stand operated entirely by adults—though perhaps civil disobedience had better be done by adults, actually.  Three people were arrested and taken to jail. 

The protesters sold lemonade without a permit for 10¢ a cup to all comers, as more and more police swarmed around them (apparently they needed a lot of reinforcements), until they were handcuffed and taken away in a police van.  Watch the video and learn more at their site, Selling Lemonade Is Not a Crime, or at the blog Photography Is Not a Crime, which is where I first heard about this.  Read all about it at the Daily Caller.

According to the Daily Caller story, as of the day of the event, “nearly 5,000 people were registered to participate via Facebook, and there were at least 35 different groups participating in the protest across the country.”

Notice that the woman who keeps assaulting the cameraman says, “Hello, how ya doin’?  Don’t take pictures of us.  Get out of our face,” but has to walk over to him to reach his camera; so it seems clear to me that he was not in anyone’s face.

3 Responses to “People Sell Lemonade at Capitol, Are Arrested”

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  2. This reminds me of a scene in a You Tube video by John Stossel, Illegal Everything, where multiple lemonade stands were shut down. One situation was where the police chief was not aware of who made the lemonade, how the lemonade was made, what the lemonade was made with. This does not require much thinking to ask who made it, how it was made, what it was made with. Just ask the kids. Or go straight to their parents.

  3. As a follow up, the police chief said she knew the people who did it were young, however, they were breaking the law and that they could not do it any more. How stupid is that? Breaking a law that you have no knowledge of?

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