Just Another Example of Casual Liberal Hatred

June 29, 2011

We’ve talked plenty before about incivility from liberals (who, ironically, often seem to think that conservatives have the monopoly on incivility), but I thought I’d pass on this example anyway.

I was glancing over a few of today’s featured blog entries on the Wordpress main page, and ran into this: in a conversational blog about the blogger’s life, an offhand reference to the fun and satisfaction of “smacking the stupid out of Sarah Palin”. 

If it doesn’t go without saying, I can’t imagine any of my conservative friends talking like that—ever—in jest or otherwise—about President Obama, Congressman Pelosi, or anyone else.

20 Responses to “Just Another Example of Casual Liberal Hatred”

  1. Joy Victory Says:

    It’s called having a sense of humor.

  2. Joy Victory Says:

    Also…grrr. You apparently assumed I was a liberal because I think Sarah Palin is stupid? You’re wrong about tht.

    • Tevyeh Says:

      “…I can’t imagine any of my conservative friends talking like that—ever—in jest or otherwise—about President Obama, Congressman Pelosi, or anyone else.”

      I see you haven’t met my grandfather.

  3. Mickey Mouse Says:

    This is perhaps the most ridiculous post you have ever made.

  4. Snoodickle Says:

    Congressman Pelosi? Chillingworth, as I’ve mentioned before, it appears from your posts that you are at times delusional. First, may I point out that Tevyeh overtly joked about my death and you failed to reprimand him. Also, have you heard the things that Limbaugh and Beck say about our president? Your bias has infected this blog so much that you no longer in tune with reality. Get a grip .

    • If you’re implying that I shouldn’t call Nancy Pelosi a “congressman”, you and I have discussed this before. I don’t think I can add anything to the thorough answer I already gave. There are two conventions I could follow; I arbitrarily choose to follow this one.

      If you’re referring to the time Tevyeh said, “If a tree falls in the forest and crushes a liberal, does anybody care?”, I think that’s self-evidently very different from joking around about “smacking the stupid out of Sarah Palin”, but if you need it explained to you, well, Tevyeh already did.

      If you and “Mickey Mouse” have nothing more to say than (as Tevyeh puts it) “bare assertions” (“perhaps the most ridiculous post you have ever made”, “you no longer [sic] in tune with reality”), then that doesn’t call for an answer, and I will offer none. If, on the other hand, you can offer specific examples of “the things that Limbaugh and Beck say about our president”, I would be interested to hear them, and happy to talk about them. I have listened to both of their radio shows, and I would be very surprised if you had ever once heard either of them fantasize about physically assaulting President Obama. (To the contrary, just earlier this week Glenn Beck mentioned that he prays for President Obama and his family and their safety, every night.)

  5. Snoodickle Says:

    How about when Glenn Beck said Obama has a “deep seated hatred for white people?” Or when Sharon Angle said the people should “exercise second amendment” remedies” and no conservative denounced her? Will you? What lame excuse do you have for that?

    • Assuming for purposes of argument that Glenn Beck said that and that he never retracted or amended that statement, it’s still an expression of his opinion about President Obama’s motives, which, again, I think is self-evidently very different from fantasizing about physically assaulting him. If that’s the worst Beck statement you can think of, then you just proved my point.

      Other than that, apart from your curious belief that Sharron Angle and Rush Limbaugh are the same person, you’re wrong again. I’ll admit that I didn’t closely follow Nevada politics in 2010, but in a quick Web search, the first conservative I found (prominent conservative and National Review editor Rich Lowry) did “denounce” her: “To raise the prospect of armed revolt in contemporary America, as Angle appeared to do in her Larson interview and in other, similar comments, is outlandish and wrong.”

      He also provided a quote of what she actually said. He also noted that “Angle’s critics should have the honesty to note that she at least partly walked back her remark.”

      And yes, I’m happy to concur in Lowry’s assessment of her remark. And again, it’s still not the same as fantasizing about physically assaulting any particular person.

      • Snoodickle Says:

        Yes! You realize you just undermined the very point of your post “If it doesn’t go without saying, I can’t imagine any of my conservative friends talking like that—ever—in jest or otherwise—about President Obama, Congressman Pelosi, or anyone else.” (Unless you were literally only talking about your friends and not conservatives in general, in which case Tevyeh is precluded from being your friend because of his violent remarks).

        P.S. Don’t play semantics with me, it makes you look like a nerd.

  6. Snoodickle Says:

    P.s. How come the evil liberal blog has so many more readers than yours? I mean this not as a sleight, but an observation that liberalism appears to be more popular than the foOey on this blog.

    • Tevyeh Says:

      Oh man, where to begin?

      1) If I find a “conservative” blog that has more readers than the “liberal” blog to which you refer, will I have proven that conservatism is “more popular” than liberalism?

      2) Is the relative popularity of an ideology a good indicator of its merit?

  7. Mickey Mouse Says:

    Are you honestly arguing that liberals are more hostile towards Republicans? How many times have I showed you examples of radical christians and you have told me they don’t speak for you.

    I worry about you, you’re getting crazier by the day.

    – MCKY

    • No, I’m not arguing that. My sense of it is that liberals are indeed more uncivil toward conservatives than vice versa, but I think that’s a difficult case to prove adequately. (I can talk about my conservative friends, and Tevyeh can talk about his grandfather, and you can talk about “examples of radical christians”, and at the end of the day all we have is a handful of anecdotes that convince no one.) I do, however, think I can assert (with great epistemological soundness) that an extreme form of the liberals’ opposite narrative—that conservatives have a monopoly on incivility—is false.

      In other words, I’m arguing that there’s plenty of hostility to go around. Liberalism isn’t some uniquely intellectual, uniquely courteous culture. Liberals are plenty uncivil.

      For examples and argument, see, e.g., my first blog entry on the subject and the other people I link to there.

      Since you mention it, did you know that you are an example of what I’m talking about? You called me “sick”:

      “I love how you only use sources that are already members of your sick, perverse, human blood drinking cult. Good luck to you weirdo.”

      Later, you tried to recast your contempt for me as pity:

      “You were taken advantage of, told some fairy tale, and now you repeat the fairy tale to others. I feel bad for you.”

      Now you’re back to calling me crazy.

      Have you ever been struck by the irony of being so uncivil to me in comments on my entries about liberal incivility?

    • Snoodickle Says:

      I’ll admit that I’m not a civil person, and I have no intention of becoming one. Civility is for pussies and weaklings. I say let’s muck it up!

    • Snoodickle Says:

      P.S. May I suggest a topic for your next post? The Sixth Circuit just upheld Obamacare and I think that the decision would spark a vigorous debate among the four regular posters on this blog, seeing as how at least three of us are lawyers.

  8. You called it! This is weird. Says:


    “The Script Kiddies source told Think’s Adam Peck that Fox News ‘was selected because we figured their security would be just as much of a joke as their reporting.’ But Peck says his impression is that targeting Fox has ‘less to do with their politics as it does with the fact that they represent corporate America.'”

    In other words, Liberals Parody Conservatives, Inadvertently Parody Selves? Not content to joke merely about the demise of George W. Bush, liberals struggle to find another outlet for their desire to indulge in thoughts of presidential assassination! Where can they turn?

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