“Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend Anymore'”

June 18, 2011

As Dave Barry would say, I Am Not Making This Up:  The NPR headline is “Liberal Bloggers: Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend Anymore'”.

5 Responses to ““Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend Anymore'””

  1. Tevyeh Says:

    Obama’s approval rating started to decline the moment he assumed office, dipping below 50% within a year of his inauguration. I’ve long attributed this decline to the disillusionment of the hard left.

    “The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly.”

    —Blade Runner

  2. Mickey mouse Says:

    If god sent his only son Jesus to earth, yet we are all gods children, does that mean I am a lesbian?

    – MCKY

    • Snoodickle Says:

      A very good point. In fact, that would mean I’m a lesbian too, which means that I’ve had sex with a lesbian? It would also mean that you are a lesbian as well Chillingworth, and will therefore roast with the rest of the homosexuals.

    • Tevyeh Says:

      If a tree falls in the forest and crushes a liberal, does anybody care?

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