Keep It Gay

December 18, 2010

The government is going to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell”, the compromise policy whereby the military doesn’t ask servicemen about their sexual proclivities or practices and they don’t tell.  (I hear that this compromise was the very first thing Bill Clinton did after he became president.)  People will now be allowed to serve in the U. S. military while also openly engaging in homosexual activity.

According to the Corner at National Review Online, Senator John McCain says that our servicemen “will do what is asked of them, but don’t think it won’t be at great cost.”

If you can tell the difference between when she’s being serious and when she’s joking, I also recommend Ann Coulter’s two recent columns on the subject.

4 Responses to “Keep It Gay”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    Miss Coulter, if combat troops have the right to decide whether gays should serve openly in the military, why don’t we let them decide whether the nation should go to war in the first place, and divest Congress of that responsibility too? I propose a constitutional amendment divesting Congress of all war-related powers.

  2. No, I think her argument is a good one. People who wanted to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” have made the argument that the military itself didn’t support the policy. She’s saying that if you ask the parts of the military that actually have to deal with combat, they’ll tell you that letting homosexuals in will hurt combat effectiveness.

    Asking them would be much more like asking the military what weapons and equipment it needs than like asking the military whether we should engage in a particular war. Moreover, in any case, it’s just asking their opinion; it’s still Congress’s decision.

  3. Snoodickle Says:

    I fail to see how letting homosexuals serve openly will hurt combat effectiveness. If a soldier is not capable of doing his job simply because he is aware that a fellow solider is gay, that soldier is not mentally tough enough to engage in combat anyway and should be discharged.

    Also, I notice you quote John McCain. I just watched McGrump on the Senate floor arguing that DADT should not be repealed because “there are soldiers in VA hospitals with limbs blown off.” Unless McCain is stupid (which is possible), he surely must realize that some of those soldiers are gay. McCain (and you) are telling those gay soldiers that got their limbs blown off that if their significant others visit them in the hospital to give them love and comfort, and they do this openly, the soldier who gave his limbs for his country will be discharged from the military. How can McCain (and you) justify denying a soldier who “got his limbs blown off” in defense of his country the right to have his or her significant other visit them in the hospital and not have to lie about who this person really is?

  4. Gays and lesbians should be free to serve in the military or other branches of the armed forces. Don’t ask, don’t tell is a good policy. Conservatives like Rick Santorum claim that keeping the Don’t ask, don’t tell policy is injecting social policy into our military, which is true in some regards. However, if gays and lesbians want to serve openly, that is their right.

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