Here’s an Idea

October 10, 2010

Liberals, let’s make a deal:  No conservative will have an opinion on employment, labor markets, or economics until he has experienced being an employee, at least once, and no liberal will have an opinion on such things until he has experienced being an employer.

7 Responses to “Here’s an Idea”

  1. empirical evidence Says:

    A certain [liberal] contracts professor might actually agree with you. He noted that starry-eyed young law school graduates hoping to work in labor law all want to help out the underdog employees, until they actually start working in the field. Then, says my professor, they realize the employers are the good guys and the perennial question becomes “How do we fire these asshole employees?”

  2. zupak Says:

    I am not a fan of the language used in that post.

  3. zupak Says:

    I would never use the word “asshole” when trying to make a point.

    • Oh, right, I though you were talking about my post. (I guess the law professor will have to answer for his language, except he doesn’t read this blog.)

      (By the cannon of statutory construction inclusio unius est exclusio alterius, I take it you are a fan of the substance of the comment!)

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