No, Really?

May 25, 2010

From my student-loan “exit counseling” (and accompanying “exam”):

If you choose not to make your payments and make no arrangements such as a deferment or forbearance, your loan will eventually default.  . . .

. . .

Defaulting on a student loan affects a lot of people. Your lender, school, guarantor, the U.S. Department of Education, and anyone who pays federal taxes are impacted when a student loan defaults. Most importantly, this will affect your life.

Your lender does not want you to default on your loan and will make every effort to work out a payment arrangement.

The default of a student loan will affect the following people:
o  Myself
o  My school
o  My lender
o  All of the above

When you are finished with school, you may not have completed your degree, you may be unhappy with your education, unable to find a job in your field of study, or you may have been unable to complete your program within the regular completion time. Unfortunately, this does not relieve you of having to repay your student loans.

If I cannot get a job, I do not have to pay back my loan.
o  True
o  False

7 Responses to “No, Really?”

  1. godsloveandlaw Says:

    “Thou shall not steal” it’s the 8th Commandment.In what ever you do, do not steal, rather pay back ALL to the glory and obeying of Christ.

  2. Right, and if it doesn’t go without saying, I’m completely with you there—I agree that stealing is wrong and I intend to pay back all of my loans.

    I just thought it was pretty funny that some of that stuff had to be said at all (that it apparently didn’t go without saying), and I thought the way it was said was funny—for example, it was funny to me that (apparently) if they didn’t tell me otherwise, I might think I was entitled to a refund or cancellation of my debts if I decided I was “unhappy with [my] education”.

  3. Christ Lover 3273 Says:

    I had a vision from God once that stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is not actually a sin. I interpret this to mean that stealing from the federal government for my benefit [to wit, the poor], is not a sin. Thanks God!!!

  4. Christ Lover 3273 Says:


    I am sickened that you did not post my comment. I have had visions from God, and for you to discredit those visions is a slap in the fact not only to me but to God himself.

  5. Christ Lover, stealing is stealing, even from when you take from Government to give to poor. It break God’s eight Commandment.

  6. Christ Lover 3273 Says:

    Let the power of Christ intoxicate my spirit?

    • To godsloveandlaw: Do feel free to argue with “Christ Lover 3273” if you want, but don’t let whatever he says bother you; he’s not even Christian, he’s just one of my sarcastic classmates.

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