And speaking of meat

February 20, 2010

You’ve heard of coffee grounds (grains of ground coffee), and you may have heard of “pork rinds” (dried fried pork skin), but I bet you haven’t heard this one:  At the grocery store today, my ground beef rang up as “beef grinds”.

"beef grinds"

3 Responses to “And speaking of meat”

  1. Just for the sake of transparency and full disclosure, I’m noting here that I just deleted five “comments”, for incivility of both content and language. I gave fair warning that I might delete things that go beyond the bounds of even minimally polite meaningful discourse.

  2. Joey Tenboots Says:

    Kroger’s right?

    I bought some of that too. The label they stuck on it said something like “ground trimmings”, but my receipt said “beef grinds”… I don’t even know what that is!!!

    The top Google hits for “beef grinds” are all pet food — YUCK!

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